Modern Magic floor Cleaner With Fragrance 1ltr


Modern Magic floor Cleaner With Fragrance 1ltr

Ultra Fresh prefumed hygiene most floor polishes which are metallised, Reflection has a more environmentally friendly, metal free, formulation that still manages to give a wet look gloss finish on all hard floors. With a 25% high solids content, it produces a hard wearing, slip resistant protective coat, with built in resistance to black heel scuff marks.hygiene is a concentrated gel cleaner with fresh pine fragrance suitable for cleaning and deodorising most hard floors, washroom surfaces, fixtures & fittings, perfect where you want that added fresh clean smell. It cleans and deodorises in one single operation, reducing time and labour.


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  • Modern Magic floor Cleaner With Fragrance 1ltr.
  • Modern Magic is excellent refresher with several fragrance drives away mosquitoes, flies & insects.


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